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Participation in the event (19.02.2021, online)

On February 19, 2021, the presentation of the «EU Transport Policy Module» of the «ERASMUS+: JEAN MONEY Program», implemented by the team of the Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics of the National Aviation University, took place.

The meeting was attended by over 100 students and faculty.

The participants of the meeting were greeted by Yulia BULGAKOVA, Head of the International Relations Department of NAU; Margarita BUGERA, Head of the Academic Mobility Sector of NAU; Tatiana MOSTENSKA, Dean of the Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics of NAU.

The project team presented the content of the draft module "EU Transport Policy", as well as the training "EU Transport Policy Strategy". The speakers paid special attention to the new opportunities provided by the project to students to acquire new competencies necessary for their future professional life.

Representative of NEO — Ukraine Petro KRAYNIK joined the event and drew attention to the requirements for the implementation of Erasmus+ projects, in particular the rules for visualization and dissemination of information on the results and activities under the projects, inter-project communication, cooperation and synergy with Erasmus+, Tempus , which not only enhance the implementation of each of the projects, but can also influence the creation of unplanned activities and results, prevent duplication and use resources and opportunities much more efficiently. The speaker paid special attention to ensuring the quality of the developed materials, their modernity and innovation, as well as the use of European experience and the implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" and the instruments of the Bologna Process. Petro KRAYNIK expressed hope that the project will contribute to the dissemination of national and European experience in the field of education in Ukraine, the formation and use of new opportunities in the challenges of modern society and the consequences of COVID-19 and noted that a new competition will be announced soon. Jean Monet, and invited to participate.

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